Anna Huse

Remake of the movie: is it good or bad?

Let us start with the definition of a remake.

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Let us start with the definition of a remake. The word comes from the English. It has two variants of meaning - a remake (as transcription) and remake (as writing). In both cases it refers to the newer version of the previously published works. In the English language, the word is used only to remake films, musicals and plays, while for the other countries remake is frequently used in music. In this article we will try to give a general description of the phenomenon of remakes in film. Think about whether you can call it a phenomenon of dominating culture or is it just a marketing trick (another method of selection legitimate money from the population).
So, the word remake is a film, which is taken as a basis for another film, which is already filmed and shown before. On the one hand, to call this product a new film, language is not enough and it turns to known story, the tragedy was opened, everything is clear, everything is seen. On the other hand, some remakes do not give new life to the film. They give them a first full life. For example, it can occur with Hollywood remakes of Eastern films. Features of marketing in Hollywood move on the promotion of films. The scheme could attract the attention of the public all over the world as a really worthwhile and interesting film. All these actions are used for the promotion of remakes that enables many ideas to find a new breath.
We can say that the main purpose of a remake is to recreate the idea of using modern methods in order to show to the audience the genius ideas of the creators of the past.
All is good, but a noble goal is «to convey the idea of the film to the audience». We can say more - this purpose is given by very few people, because the remake of Hollywood is the opportunity of "easy money." Income is virtually guaranteed and often the brand has been already promoted. People will come to the cinema to watch "new for old". For example, you can make a cartoon film ("The Simpsons Movie") or soap opera ("Sex and the City", "The X-Files").