Mediamatic Timeline

1983 First video-presentation in Grand Theatre, Groningen
1985 The launch of the first Mediamatic Magazine
1987 Mediamatic moves from Groningen to Amsterdam
1993 Conference of Doors of Perception
Foundation of Mediamatic IP
1994 Doors of Perception CD-rom
1995 Awards for the Doors of Perception CD-ROM: Design Excellence Distinction, New Voices/New Visions, Meta Design Award
1997 European Design Prize
Geheugen van Zeist
First version of internet banking for Rabobank
1999 relaunched as social netwerk site
Launch of final paper version of Mediamatic Magazine: The Printed Issue
2001 The first Mediamatic Off-line
2002 Moving to Mediamatic Supermarkt
Mediamatic Screen
The first exhibition in Mediamatic Supermarkt
2003 Geheugen van Oost
2004 Foundation of Mediamatic Lab
Digital Monument for the Dutch Jewish community
Moving to Post CS
2005 Food Facility
Flickr peep show
2006 Night Garden
Eerste Picnic Festival
2007 The Girlfriend Experience
El Hema
First Fablab of The Netherlands
Dutch Design Prize for El Hema
2008 The first ikTag (RFID technology)
Gastarbeider Dating
Distributing Library
Kiki on Steroids!
Kom Je Ook? 1
El Hema Rotterdam
2009 Mediamatic Travel
SpinAward for ikTag and the interactive Social RFID Games
Amsterdam Biënnale
El Hema The Hague
Lifetime achievement award for Willem Velthoven
2010 First Arabic Travel Guide of Holland (Noord-Amsterdam)
First Ignite edition of Amsterdam
2011 Is dit jouw huis? (Parool)
Over Datum Eetclub
Paddestoelen Paradijs
Moving to Van Gendthallen
2012 New Order
Start Aquaponics
WatSpinoza? In Kocaeli, Turkije
Uien Feest
2013 Tostifabriek
Freezing Favela
2014 Myco Design Lab
Drone Camping
Kunstformen der Natur
2015 Moving to Biotoop Dijkspark
Start Pis'Project
Opening Biotoop Dijkspark
Myco Insulation Brewery
Start Odorama
Kunstformen der Natur in Radboudumc Nijmegen