Symbiotic Machines

how to adapt a machine to natural systems

29 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016

how to adapt a machine to natural systems


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A workshop by Ivan Henriques, within the Machine Wilderness programme.

Symbiotic Systems is a design exercise to explore how to adapt a machine to natural systems, with focus in the specific landscape from Amstelpark.

We'll brainstorm with the participants about the needs and functions of a bio-robotic structure inspired by the park’s landscape. Investigate how the relationship between this hybrid system and the resources and opportunities the park offers and re-think about a different equation: how to adapt machines to natural systems, looking at the environment as a partner from which we can learn to attempt to communicate with the living and non-living environment.

Concepts of post-humanism and autopoiesis will be the basis of the workshop.

Sign up: – before April 01

Max 10 participants (please include a short motivation)