Rein Beer Fest: Tastings + Talks

23 Apr 2016

This Bierberaad is dedicated to 500 years of Reinheitsgebot. How does this German Beer Purity Law relate to the current craft of beer brewing? What is its impact on beer diversity? Join us for tastings and talks with the Reitheitsgebot in mind, we will explore the flavours of some of the lesser known German brews but also the good old but underrated Pils. The tastings will be accompanied by talks by German Brew Lovers.

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Pouring the glasses for a comparative tasting - During the monthly Bierberaad events we tasted and compared beers from independent brewers. Xiang Yu Yeung

Guest Speakers

Kees Filius

Kees is a keen importer of South German beers, and is actually an empirical expert on the matter! Kees will explain to us what the existence of the Reinheitsgebot means for the Bambergse beer world and its drinking scene. For instance, how do small family breweries deal with the Reinheitsgebot? For tasting he will bring a famous Bambergs beer: Rauch beer (smoked beer).
Tasting: Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen, 5,1%

Sander Nederveen - Oedipus Brewing

Sander Nederveen is a founding member and brewmaster at the Amsterdam-based Oedipus Brewery. He will talk about the brew ethics of Oedipus and more specifically how their own Volkpils came into existence. This pilsner is brewed in German tradition for the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. Brewed with Pilsner malts; Perle, Tettnanger and Saphir hops and German bottom fermenting yeast.
Tasting: Volkspils, 5%, Oedipus Brewery


Minimalistic Beer Cans - Beer Can Design gone right. Plain colored cans by design agency Txaber.

Pim Bosch - De Leckere

De Leckere is a modern brewery with a passion for craft beer and pilsner, brewing entirely organic. Located in De Meern, they work with organic resources to create their beers. We are lucky because De Leckere is winner of the 2015 Brussels Beer Challenge with their De Leckere Pilsner.
Tasting: Pilsener, 5%, De Leckere

Rick Kempen

In 1998 Rick joined Bier&Co, one of Europe’s leading beer import and distribution companies, dedicated to bringing craft beer from all over the globe to the people. As a result, Rick now gets to spend every day working with the world’s finest beers, their brewers and the people who sell them, all over the world. Rick is an especial fan of Pilsener.
Tasting: Pilsner, 4,9%, Jever


Handing out beers - Handing out beers at Bierberaad Xiang Yu Yeung

Mattias Terpstra - Brouwerij Katjelam

Katjelam is a young brewery based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Mattias and colleagues are committed to producing delicious artisanal fermented beverages, and mostly these are beers. Their small scale brewery allows them to experiment with a wide range of brewing practices, ingredients, aging and mixed/wild fermentation. For some of their beers they have been inspired by old German styles such as Lichtenhainer, Gose and more. This and more during his talk and tasting.
Tasting: Verzopen Lichtenhainer, 4,3%, Brouwerij Katjelam

Edo van Bree

Edo van Bree lives close to the German border, which is convenient since he loves German-style beers. He is passionate about German beer and so at this talk he will speak about forgotten German beer styles. He will accompany his talk with a tasting of a very typical Ossi-beer: an Erdbeer Porter.
Tasting: Erdbeer Porter, 4,2% Bergquell Brauerei Löbau

Rein Beer Fest: Bierberaad
Saturday April 23rd
Round 1: 18.30 - 19.30
Round 2: 20.30 - 21.30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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