Forgotten Beer History

Rein Beer Fest: Tastings + Talks

24 Apr 2016

During our last round of tastings and talks we will investigate the historical background of beer. For instance, did you know that it was not uncommon to use herbs instead of hops? This program serves as the perfect ending to the Wild Herb Foraging and Beer Brunch earlier in the day. The tastings will be accompanied by talks by Henriette Waal, Erik Bouman (Klein Duimpje), Ton Zijp and more.

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For The Love of Pils - Still from the movie 'Dinner at Eight'. Lisanne Groenewoud

Erik Bouman - Klein Duimpje

Erik Bouman is one of the brew masters of Klein Duimpje. At Klein Duimpje they are not afraid of an experiment or two. Think of coffee, speculaas or rye beers. For Bierberaad he will bring the Gagel IPA, instead of using hops Erik brewed with the herb Bog Myrtle (Gagel in Dutch). The Bog Myrtle has been used for beer brewing since the 10th century, usually when hops are not available. However, it is also known of triggering aggression. This and more beer brewing herbs regarded as poisonous or aphrodisiac during his talk.
tasting: Gagel IPA, 7%, Brouwerij Klein Duimpje


Dill - You do not believe you are free The answer you planted into the seventeenth of thirty plant beds in the Dijksgracht park, part of the Twijfel Zaaien/Raising Doubts project. Latin name: Anethum graveolens Artist family: Neutral 123 Zaden, Zadenbank Velt

Ton Zijp

Ton Zijp works at De Bierkoning but besides that makes a study of herbs that are used for brewing beers. The history of herbs and the specific use and effects of them on beer are collected in his database. He will share his botanical and beer interest.


Rampzalig Bier - Label for Rampzalig, a beer by de Buitenbrouwerij Henriette Waal

Henriëtte Waal

Henriëtte will give us a sneak preview of her new seaweed beer 'Rampzalig'. Brewed at Vlieland using herbs and soil water from the Wadden. The title refers to the shipwreck of 1666 on the shore of Vlieland. In her story Henriëtte will take us to the 17th century when the beer industry was flourishing during the Dutch East Indian Company.

Tastings + Talks Forgotten Beer History
Saturday April 24rd
14:00 - 15:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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