Rederij Lampedusa

Organizer of Budget Tours

16 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016

Lampedusa Cruises is an art project in the form of a service company. The company offers crossings, VIP arangements and canal cruises, the same services as other shipping companies in Amsterdam offer. But with the difference that the fleet of the company consists of two by Italy donated ‘refugee boats’. Boats used for the perilous crossing from Africa to Europe. In addition, the current crew largely consists of (former) refugees living in Amsterdam.


Rederij Lampedusa represents - Amsterdam is een nieuwe rederij rijker, Rederij Lampedusa. De rederij begint met een vloot van twee Noord-Afrikaanse boten waarmee vluchtelingen de overtocht naar Lampedusa, Europa hebben gemaakt. De boten zijn bij hoge uitzondering geschonken door de Italiaanse autoriteiten en naar Amsterdam verscheept. Vanuit Amsterdam varen ze verder met en voor opvarenden op zoek naar geluk. Teun Castelein

The aim of the company is to be a stranger in our midst. An outcast on the canals. With her presence it attempts to create space for other stories and other realities within the so called ‘pleziervaart’ (pleasure sailing). On the IJ, in the canals and the Dutch waters the company will sail to raise awareness for the refugee issue in cooperation with various parties and individuals and will do everything to find brighter horizons.

There are two different tours you can take: the budget tour and the VIP tour.