Candy Choi, Thorwald Voss

Mediamatic/ ETEN

Special Beer Menu

French Onion Soup

with dark beer

A classic onion soup with a twist. The dark beer adds a beautiful malty flavour.

€8 -

Vegetarian Meatballs & Pomme Puree in Beer Sauce

a satisfying main course

For a night of beer tasting, you need a filling dinner! We have prepared some vegetarian meatballs made with mushrooms, nuts and bread crumbs as well as some pomme puree for the dish. It is finished off with a special beer sauce.
€14 -

Apple Pie with Chickpea Meringue Foam

An all-time favourite

We love apple pies! Our homemade vegan option is served with a chickpea meringue foam - we make it just like a classic French meringue, but instead of egg white we use chickpea water. The foam is simply this water, whisked. This is an interesting alternative to your ordinary cream on apple pies.


3-course menu: €25,–