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This site offers leading Polytechnic Institutions in India's listing. These are one of the better polytechnic institutions in India and provide degree programs on numerous topics ranging to fashion planning to computer design from engineering. In Maharashtra we've outlined not just the Most Effective Polytechnic Schools in India-But also the Most Effective Women's Polytechnic Organizations in India and also the greatest Polytechnic Schools in Delhi, greatest Polytechnic Organizations within this site, greatest Polytechnic Organizations in Rajasthan and greatest Polytechnic Institutions in Orissa.

Additionally available such polytechnics are 2-year degree programs like Collection & Secretarial Training, Modern Office Administration and Information Technology, Pharmacy, Postgraduate Degree In Computer Software, Residence Technology, Content Management, Mass Communication, Industrial Exercise.

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12 months Post-Graduate Diploma/ Post Degree programs in a number of topics will also be trained: Biotechnology (Tissue Culture), Advertising & Sales Management, Customer Service Management, Beauty & Healthcare, Vacation & Travel Management, Marketing & Public Relationship, Computing Devices & Marketing, Accounting with Tax, Retail Management, Website planning, Fashion Engineering, Textile Design, I T, Industrial Safety