Exploring Synthetic Biology with Film Screenings.

25 Jun 2016

Far from limiting itself to the manipulation of existing genomes, synthetic biology aims to both redesign life and create the unnatural, in accordance with the principles of engineering. BIO-FICTION explores this emerging field with a film program that focusses on the tension between science and fiction. Is Synthetic Biology grounded in reality or mere science-fiction?

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Video Still from the short movie: Living Earth - What if food were consumed alice, asa fictional character? What if food was able to play with our cutlery or create hyper-sensations in our mouth? Ink this film, dishes are living, moving, created things. Beautiful and stomach-churning at the same time. Minsu Kim


Video still from the movie: I wanna deliver a dolphin - Rapid developments in ie sciences could enable us to break the borders between species. In times of human overpopulation transspecicism becomes a game changer for species conservation. Ai Hasegawa


  • Introduction: Markus Schmidt(Biofaction) and Willem Velthoven, founder of Mediamatic
  • Screenings: Bio-Fiction selection
  • Panel discussion: Marjoleine van der Meij and Alejandro Tauber
  • Music: Power to the Pipo


BIO·FICTION explores the topic of Synthetic Biology from a variety of perspectives and attempts to encourage a meaningful dialogue between natural and social scientists, filmmakers, artists, designers, biohackers as well as the general public.

The programme brings together real Synthetic Biology with future possibilities mediated through a collection of short films. Many of these films address the moral challenge of applying Synthetic Biology to humans and other beings and allow the viewers to gaze into possible futures where Synthetic Biology will be part of our daily lives.

Presented in association with the BIO·FICTION Science, Art & Film Festival and the SYNENERGENE Forum Synthetic Biology – Visions of the future in NEMO.


Still from the video Decapoda Shock - "An astronaut returns to Earth after a fatal accident on a distant planet," states the official synopsis of this short film, which describes nothing and suggests everything. Science-fiction in 70s b-movie style, with comic-book elements, a revenge plot, and wailing guitars, your clue word is "decapoda", an order of crustaceans. Prepare yourself for a hilarious gripping and unexpected 9 minutes/. Javier Chillon


Reinventing the Dodo - Steven van Eekelen (NL, 2013)
Copy & Clone - Louis Rigaud (FR, 2010)
Living Food - Minsu Kim (UK, 2013)
Bioluminiscent Streetlamps - Steven van Eekelen (NL, 2013)
Beastliness - Deborah Kelly (AU, 2011)
New Mombai - Tobias Revell (UK, 2012)
Synbio Ads London - Benedikt Gross (DE, 2012)
Streichhollzer - David Hochgatterer (AT, 2011)
Bio Flaneur - Aleks Cicha (UK, 2014)
Dacapoda Shock - Javier Chillon (ES, 2011)
The Arsehole Gene - Eric Romero (UK, 2013)
Puppet Earth - Laurens Roorda & Thijs Molenaar (NL, 2012)
I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin - Ai Hasegawa (JP, 2013)
Hybris - Arjan Brentjes (NL, 2014)


Bio-Fiction 2016 - Audience reaction on 'Reinventing the Dodo' by Steven van Eekelen. Lisanne Groenewoud


After the Bio-Fiction film screening - Discussion amongst the audience about the shown films Lisanne Groenewoud


BIO·FICTION Film Screening
Saturday June 25
Program starts at 20.00
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Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam