The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo

Embrace The Madness

13 Mar 2010
25 Apr 2010

SjocoSjon and SFFRMKRS present a crazy circus at the Mediamatic Bank. Filled with interactive art installations. Inspired by The Jerry Springer Show, the most grotesque talkshow on screen, ever made.


The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo - poster by SjocoSjon - SjocoSjon

The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo

Eight young infamous artists will show us their thoughts on fifteen years popular image culture. Interactive installations as a result. You can throw chairs or get back at your ex. Just let yourself go, feel no shame.

Participating Artists: Wayne Horse, Morcky Troubles, Ottograph, Leyp, Super Sule, SjocoSjon, Gestift and Lamelos.


Great workshops coming up. Please RSVP if you would like to join.
March 19th: Customize your t-shirt with Gestift!
March 26th: T-shirt and sneaker customizing with LEYP
April 1st: Making cartoons with Lamelos
April 23rd: DJ workshop with deejay Cream!


Opening friday March 12, from 8 till 12 pm at Mediamatic Bank. Open daily from 1 till 7 pm (till 6 pm in the weekend) till April 25th. Entrance free.

Pictures of the opening here