RIH Sport Amsterdam


RIH head badge 1966 - From a vintage sports road frame nr. 8766 Willem Velthoven

This frame builder started in 1921 in the center of Amsterdam. Two cyclists, Joop and Willem Bustraan, needed better gear and decided to build it themselves. From the 1930s till the 90s, they were the material sponsors of Dutch champions.

The current owner mr. Wim van der Kaaij started as a workshop assistant in 1948 and took over in 1977. He is in his 70s now and still builds bespoke frames. Steel only, of course.

RIH Sport is not to be confused with the RIH Cové brand. RIH Cové bought the rights to the RIH brand from the Bustraan heirs in 1977 but they make uninteresting bicycles. For us RIH Sport is the only real RIH.

Contact information

  • RIH Sport Amsterdam
  • Gedempt Hamerkanaal 77
  • 1013KP
  • Amsterdam
  • NL
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