Jennifer Lyon Bell

erotic film director


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Erotic film director.
Curator and film festival programmer specializing in sexuality.

Jennifer's production company, Blue Artichoke Films, is dedicated to making artistic, unusual erotic films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way. She directs films mainly in Amsterdam, though she has also directed in London and has upcoming projects planned for San Francisco and New York.

Jennifer and her collaborators are always always looking for engaged, respectful cast & crew -- the website offers lots of information about how to get involved.


Jennifer also does freelance work in area of sexuality, erotica and pornography, and female sexual expression, for example:

- She's a co-organizer and programmer of the 2nd annual "Rated X: Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival" (Jan 15-18 2009, Studio/K)

- She's the sex advice columnist, "Ladywood" at the Amsterdam Weekly (arts & culture paper)

- She created the "Feminist Fantasies" multimedia evening presentation (lecture+sexfilms +discussion) at Paradiso’s "Pinched: Sex, Love And Countercultures" (where she also moderated 2 Pinched celebrity panels)

- She co-curated the long-running exhibition at New York's Museum Of Sex (MOSEX): “Stags, Smokers and Blue Movies: The Origins of American Pornographic Film” (for which she also directed 3 video documentary installations)

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