About Nihilism, Silence and the Refusal to Speak

24 Apr 2008
4 May 2008

"About Nihilism, Silence and the Refusal to Speak" is a title that expresses resistance. But exactly what do the three artists resist in this exhibition?

What is there left to resist against? Do we not live in an age of free choice? Despite, or perhaps thanks to, all war and capitalism, I personally can not suppress a feeling of being uprooted. So what? These three artists have experienced this same feeling. Yet despite this insight, they continue making work. So, apparently, the impulse is there.

On the surface, all of the works seems to glorify uselessness. They might as well not have been there. They negate themselves. Yet their self-reference creates their right to existence. And so, for a short while, nihilism goes out the window.

The exhibition will be openend on april the 24th at 21.00.