A New Ecosystem for the Music Industry

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What would the ideal business model look like in the music industry? How do we strike a balance between consumer demands and incentives for creatives. Which business models are we in need of and can be developed today, or tomorrow? Last year Alexander Osterwalder showed the need for change with his business model canvas. This year his partners Patrick van der Pijl and Camilla van den Boom will do an interactive business model generation session, based on the outcomes of the previous discussions during the conference and the interaction with the audience.

Moderator: Arda Gerkens (NL)
Arda Gerkens was member of the Second Chamber (Tweede Kamerlid) on behalf of the SP and spokeswoman in regard to the popular music culture. She used to be chair woman of the commission that examined the sustainability of authors rights in a digital era. Nowadays she runs het own consultancy firm specialised in the digital society.

Camilla van den Boom (Business Models Inc, NL)
Camilla van den Boom is strategy and change management consultant specializing in how to lead, manage and develop organizations. More than 15 years of experience in strategy development, strategy implementation and organizational (re)design within large (inter)national organizations. Facilitates organizations in improving their (or formulating new) business models and accompanying strategies in order to ensure a solid performance and success in their markets.

Patrick van der Pijl (Business Models Inc, NL)
Patrick van der Pijl facilitates the formulation of new business model strategies in (inter)national organizations, assessing their business model and supporting business model innovation. Patrick is the producer of the bestseller book ‘Business Model Generation’ written by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.

Erik van der Pluijm (Business Models Inc, NL)
Erik van der Pluijm is Designer / Visualizer at Business Models Inc.