TV Dinner

with Weißwurst, authentic Brezel, Senf and Bavarian Beer

30 Mar 2007
11 May 2007

During the exhibition Vergessene Fahnen (Forgotten Flags) we served Weißwurst from Schwandorf, Brezel from Stuttgart, mustard by Haendelmayr en real Dutch radisch for 5 euro. And Naabecker beer from Bavaria in Germany for 2,50 euro.


Weißwurst-Menu at Mediamatic -

Echt gute Wurst

Beer and sausages ("Wolf Wurst, Echt gute Wurst)" were directly imported from Schwandorf, the hometown of Florian Thalhofer. The beer ("Das wichtigste Bier auf der Welt") was a real sensation ("Wir liefern nie weiter als wie 150km"). Check out their website: , you were able to find an image of the person answering the phone, but not the number. It's about beer, not business.

How to Eat your Weißwurst

Cut the sausage open

Peel the skin of the 1th half of the sausage

Do the same with the 2nd half

Add mustard
Don't eat the skin!