Internship: Designing with Organisms

Interested in mycelium-based materials?

Are you interested in the design potential of living organisms? Do you want to contribute to a bio-based economy? This internship might just be what you are looking for!


Dried content of petridish before heatpressing - Dried contamination by Tamara Hoogeweegen

Mediamatic is involved in the development of activities revolving around the exploration of micro-organisms, specifically fungi. We investigate and stimulate the cultural and artistic potential of innovative design solutions and sustainable materials, based on mycelium (the roots of mushrooms). With our own fully equipped bio-lab we can research both the possibility of growing fungi on by-products of fermentation, and the uses of the materials created from the resulting mycelium. We organise different events like Biotalk and Workshops Grow Your Own Materials to give this subject a playground among an audience.


  • Contributions to productional / organizational implementation of the project
  • Direct involvement in the research and developments around Bio-design
  • Thinking about and researching the best materials and techniques for projects
  • Working with fermentation like: brewing Beer, making Kimchi, growing and designing with Mycelium

Student profile

  • The student writes and speaks fluent English (and possibly Dutch)
  • Special interest in growing materials and working in a lab
  • Experience and/or affinity with bio-design
  • Has good communication skills
  • Works well independently with a hands-on mentality
  • Knows his/her way around the internet, preferably handy with Apple
  • HBO / WO level of thinking and not afraid to take responsibility

What do we offer?

  • An inspiring work environment in the centre of Amsterdam
  • A broad national and international network in the arts, culture and bio-design
  • A placement fee of € 250 per month, with a full-time internship (100 working days for 5 days a week)


Send a short letter with resume in PDF format to mail to stating “internship mycelium”. Please also mention the preferred start date of your internship. For questions you can contact us on 020-6389901 or