Internship: Communication

Promote art projects about biology, science and gastronomy

We prefer a dutch speaking person for this position.

Would you like to be part of an organization that is committed to innovation and development in the field of art, sustainability, and society? Mediamatic has place for a communication strategist who gets excited from projects at the intersection of art, biology, science, and gastronomy, and who likes to use his/her/their communicative skills and ideas to promote Mediamatic's program to a bigger audience. 


Robin Habbé's presentation at the 43rd edition of Odorama on Happiness - Sadhbh O'Donnell

With: Robin Habbé

Mediamatic is an art lab that focuses on new developments in art, biology and science. Through art projects, lectures and workshops we bring together the fields of science and art. In our program we challenge the senses and perceptions of food, waste and unconventional materials. In this way we support developments in bio-art and actively contribute to a circular economy. Mediamatic also has a restaurant where themes from the program are translated into very nice (vegan) food. 


The subjects we touch upon are not simple and often need explanation. For example, how do you explain what certain bacteria do or how perfume is made? In what way can certain technological developments be placed within an art(historical) and social context? And even more important: How do you make sure that these stories come to the attention of the right target group? 

Writing, promoting, researching

We have room for a communications intern who can translate the various themes into fun understandable language and strong images, and who knows better than anyone how to bring this to the attention of a large (and diverse) audience. You are co-responsible for carrying out communication research, developing content strategies, planning, developing on-and offline campaigns, delivering content for our website and social media, writing press releases and maintaining contact with the press. 


- Research how to promote our fragrance, fermentation & new material program in a unique way.
- Co-responsible for delivering content for our website, social media channels and mailings.
- Thinking along on-and offline campaigns.
- Monitor and analyze social media and website activity
- Co-managing the communication plannings
- Maintain and expand press database
- Maintain contact with the press 
- Maintain and update the Mediamatic website


- You are creative and good at creating appealing content.
- You can write well and have a feeling for images. 
- You are enterprising and proactive when it comes to coming up with ideas.
- You are interested in learning more about content analysis and optimization.
- You have a strong affinity with art and design. 
- You are following a relevant WO/HBO education.
- Preferably you have a basic level in Dutch. 

What we offer

- The opportunity to develop and take on tasks where you support the entire communication of the art center
- Work within an interdisciplinary team of makers, students, and artists.
- Opportunity to learn more about perfume making, gardening, mycelium design, vegan food and more. 
- A strong international network within the arts, culture and bio-technology sector.
- Special work environment in the heart of Amsterdam
- Here you can find all the important information about doing an internship at Mediamatic


A background within communications is a plus, but certainly not a necessity. A love for bioart and design even more so. If you are from the arts and love to write and share, but do not yet have much experience within communications, be sure to send in your resume. 

We prefer a dutch speaking person for this position. But do not hesitate to apply. 


Send your CV, short motivation and writing sample in PDF format to stating "Internship Communication". Please also mention when you want to do your internship. For questions, please contact

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.


Museumnacht - People looking at hearts of The Art of Deception (by designer Isaac Montee and evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers) during Museum night. Anisa Xhomaqi


The Smell of Rain - Odorama February 2020 Most of us remember how the streets smell after a summer rain. At the Odorma 'The Smell of Rain' we looked closer into the smell of what is called: petrichor. This smell petrichor is partly caused by the organic compound geosmine and bacteria that help organic matter decay. Over time these build up under stone and earth, the rain releases their perfume. The Smell of Rain is an homage to this natural phenomenon. We looked into the microbes that cause the pleasant smell after rain, humans'…


Lelani explaining about the food - Interview with omroep Human Code Noir is our 13th Neo Futurist Dinner. This theatrical dinner experience is a collaboration between chef and culinary activist Lelani Lewis, spoken word artist Rachel Rumai Diaz, and artist Suzanne Bernhardt. With food, performance and interaction they tend to take the guests on a culinary journey to get a better understanding of the cultural and colonial legacy of global trade routes, and its effects on Caribbean cuisine and culture.   Anisa Xhomaqi

With: Lelani Lewis

- Pig heart poster at the pay terminal What happens if humans manipulate organs for aesthetic purposes? And what is inner beauty anyway? The Art of Deception: A collection of transformed pigs hearts that explored how biological interventions and aesthetic manipulation have been used as tools for the ultimate deception: The transformation of inner beauty.


Blue Monday performance - Tumulus Pictures by Victoria Ushkanova


Front Page Mediamatic Magazine vol. 9#2/3 -


Holding a scoby for kombucha fermentation - Photo 2021 by  Ben Hopley  for Mediamatic Nadine Schütz


Serres Separees - Experimenting with the redesign of togetherness.   Anisa Xhomaqi