The Mash-up Sessions

Mix 'n Match Data

1 Jan 2001
1 Jan 2001

Workshop Approach

The workshop kick off by establishing a theoretical framework through lectures and presentations. This is followed by a 3-day hands-on workshop for those who want to mash things up themselves.

The workshop provides you the tools by which to create your own mashup. Consider the endless possibilities of integrating a sea of information into a single web application. Mash-ups are a fascinating means to creation and innovation!

What are Mashups?

The illustration of Music Mesh is an excellent example of a mash-up. It combines data from Audioscrobbler with videos from YouTube, cd-images from Amazon and is further connected to supply data from Wikipedia. Music Mesh itself serves as a platform that integrates what was first disparate data to provide a new "hybrid" functionality. For a more comprehensive understanding of mashups see Sascha Pohflepp's"Mapping Mashing" presentation given at Mediamatic attached below.


Registration is possible on the online workshop registration form.