Ciaran Patrick Rose


Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose the three building blocks of true motivation -

Movement and performance, as a personal development and challenging personal perceptions in the way we conduct our lives: Interests in physical movement and games to enhance thinking. 'Move to Think'. Also the idea that pedagogy, how we use the information that is attracted to us, how we adapt this knowledge can help us be more creative and enhance our lives. Passion to promote happiness, intrinsic motivation and inquisitiveness in both children and adults, enabling them see what they are a capable off.

Since Kieren was young, movement and expression has been part of his life. Whether it was through bouldering, mountain biking or playing sport or more recently through parkour, movement has been one of his constant companions. He coaches movement and performance in sport and fitness. Having a degree in both Sport Performance Fitness and Visual Communication and has worked in both fields for the past 20 years, it has created unusual conceptual attitude in him, especially how they relate to understanding the way they move and how we see and act. Having recently completed a Master in Interactive Digital Media where he mastered in how people learn and develop creatively through storytelling. The primary research looked at how children develop cognitive creative skills. Currently he is developing 'The Activity Project'. While at a cursory look it is about being active under the surface it is much more complex. The aim is to challenge us as to regard ourselves and how we execute our lives. Movement is a fundamental aspect of being human, it is as important as eat, drinking and having sex. Movement affects how we think, how we are creative, and how we see things. 'To be still is to diminish who we are'. The Activity Project aims to challenge all of us to reassess ourselves. In a definitely more sedentary world if we can move more, we develop more as individuals. If we can do this we can enhance our lives, and how we work.