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Image Radio

new media in public space

30 Oct 2008
2 Nov 2008

Exploring your invisible paradise

30-10 – 02-11
Eindhoven CBD



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The theme of Image Radio 2008 is "Exploring Your Invisible Paradise": Experimental installations in public space aimed at interaction and participation, inspiring people to use new media, enhancing their social and cultural well-being.

The festival is also an experiment, critical reflection, and preview of how new media in public space impact our cultural, social and physical surroundings. The increase of display devices, data clouds, sensor networks, particularly in urban centers, provides a new medium. Public space becomes a playground in which dynamic and manipulative data influence our perception. Potential applications are shown in experimental installations. Theory, discussion and exchange on these topics are facilitated in the seminar program and symposium.

Image Radio is a production of MAD emergent art center: mad.dse.nl