Steampunk Time Machine

Futuristic Impressions of the Past

14 Nov 2008
14 Dec 2008

Retro-Futurism, time travelling, inventions, experiments, (pseudo)science, utopia versus dystopia. Place these terms in the setting of the 19th century Victorian Steam Age, bridge the gap between then and 2008 and you will get a sense of what Steampunk is about.


Jeroen Kuster's Ctenocephalides Leptanilliae, image from artKitchen -

The exhibition Steampunk Time Machine features works by a group of renowned and upcoming artists who have taken the world of art, technique and retro-futurism as a source of inspiration. During four weeks artKitchen gallery will be the place where nostalgic re-living of Victorian Romance novels, Imperialist adventures and Voyages Extraordinaires all meet in fascinating artworks.

Vernissage: spectacular Steampunk Espressobar made by artist Nils van Went, talks about Steampunk, drawing free tickets and book vouchers for the upcoming Dreamscape exhibition, drinks, snacks and music!

Curator: Ella Buzo (Cabinodd Collections CC) in collaboration with artkitchen gallery.

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