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If you're interested in contemporary arts & culture projects with a focus on collaboration with Southeastern Europe, then you've come to the right profile!

I'm currently responsible for Communications for Balkan Buro, a young non-profit organisation connecting artists and cultural practitioners from Southeastern and Western Europe. We organise contemporary arts & culture festivals, such as 'Balkan Snapshots' in Amsterdam. We have also organised several debates and workshops, parties and cultural activities, and the international partnership initiative '4 Tuned Cities'. Please check our website for more details on our activities.

Previously, I worked as Programme Officer at the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) for 5 years. I was webmaster/host at - ECF's online meeting place for the arts & culture crowd across Europe and beyond; I was also part of the admin team of the Grants Programme, which focuses on collaboration and artistic grants; last, but certainly not the least, I managed ECF's STEP beyond mobility fund, aimed at young and upcoming artists and professionals of culture in and around Europe.

Some random tidbits...
I originally came from Lisbon (Portugal), I'm puzzled at how Dutch people seem to be undisturbed when cycling under heavy rain, and I sometimes scribble when speaking over the phone. If you want to get me discussing something ferverously, strike a conversation either on cultural identity(ies), language/linguistics or cocktails.

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