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Using the iPhone to keep your family happy whilst travelling

and keeping it simple

I recently traveled for 5 weeks with my wife through Europe and Tokyo. Having an iPhone with us made it super easy to keep our family and friends up to date with the fun we were having.


IMG_0400.JPG - iPortrait

While traveling, you often face the problem of trying to keep in contact with all those people who find you amazing. This would usually be done via email, or more traditionally a postcard. This is a laborious task, considering that you have to find an internet cafe, or a post shop, and usually have to write dozens of email/postcards to cover all the 'important' people.

Enter the mighty iPhone...

The approach we took to this issue was to first set up a tumblr blog (tumblr.com), and send out the address to all of our followers. (this saves you emailing them while travelling, they can just check the blog)

Then using the iPhone's pretty decent camera, we took photos of crazy stuff and uploaded them along the way.

The process of uploading these photos with the iPhone couldn't be easier:

Select a photo
hit "Email Photo" and enter the unique email address that tumblr gives you
Add a caption in the subject line
Send away!

Now the only catch for me is that I have a not so legal iPhone with no data plan, so I have to use non-protected wifi's... Easy, they are everywhere. Even if you dont have one at the time of sending the photo, thats cool, iPhone will chuck it into your outbox until you have a 'free' wifi again.

So if you would like to see the fruits of this labor, here it is, deksineurope.tumblr.com