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Quarterly, critical and cheap, Mute is a concrete jumble of all that’s still grunting in the inter-finessing hyper-barrios of culture, politics and technology 2.0. As capitalism yawns towards apocalypse we match it issue by issue with a sustained critique of everything existing, from eco prole-bashing and shanty chic to academic aut-onanist marxistry. Check us out in print and at

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Undoing the City, and Ourselves
By Anthony Iles

A recent festival in Copenhagen dedicated to the cultural politics of the city escalated into a Dionysian street party-cum-riot. With the stakes raised by this sudden, if fleeting, show of force, conceptual discussions around urban activism took on new perspectives – report by Anthony Iles

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Pirate Bay walks the plank

Be Realistic, Demand the Negative
By Marina Vishmidt

Challenging the idealism of autonomist Marxism, Negativity and Revolution is a recent anthology that uses Adorno's negative dialectics to refuse false unities, placing contradiction and antagonism at the heart of revolutionary theory. Review by Marina Vishmidt

State Capitalism in Britain
By James Heartfield

Despite the State being the main investor in the UK's national economy, the official rhetoric of private sector productivity is alive and well. James Heartfield takes a look at Labour's failed strategy of privatising public services and the rise of ‘corporate welfare'

The Omelette Maker
By Benedict Seymour

From a canal path confrontation comes bobo redemption.

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