WhyNot Festival: contemporary dance and performance

Dinner at 19:00, show at 20:00.

24 Aug 2013

Celebrate the last evening of the WhyNot festival with us. Dancers and performers will turn our exhibition space into one big performance hall. Enjoy a nice meal, performances, cinema, and more. Performance tickets are €7,50, a performance & dinner combi-ticket is €16 (instead of €18). Get your tickets online to save some money! Mediamatic members get a €2,50 discount at the door.


Dancers in Lust by Itamar Serussi - Picture taken during Festival WhyNot #4 Marcela Szwarc


19:00 Fabulous food by Favelous with special performance
20:30 Nina Wijnmaalen: There’s no place like home
20:50 Adva Zakai: How I ended up in this position (very limited seating)
21:05 Olga Tsvetkova: Repose
21:30 Adva Zakai: How I ended up in this position (very limited seating)
21:45 Itamar Serussi: Lust
22:05 Adva Zakai: How I ended up in this position (very limited seating)
22:20 Paula Chavez: Smooth Criminal
22:40 Dance Improvisation with a.o. Cherish Menzo, Miri-Lee & live music by a.o. Alfredo Genovesi, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva
23:20 DJ Alec Smart & Short Dance Movies by Cinedans


Taking contemporary dance out of the conventional context of the theatre, WhyNot tries to create an open and accessible environment to encounter dance. By presenting performances in art spaces and presenting installations, film and live music, WhyNot stimulates an inspirational cross-over for audience and artists. Check out the full program on the festival's website (from August 22 - 24, 2013).


Performance 'How did I end up in this position?' - Picture taken during contemporary Festival WhyNot #4 Marcela Szwarc


Performance: €7,50
Dinner: €9,50 (no online tickets available)
Combi-ticket (performance & dinner): €16 , DINNER SOLD OUT
Mediamatic members get a €2,50 discount when they buy tickets at the door.

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Time: 19:00 to approximately 01:00. Location: VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. There is an after party at Roest (our neighbors) until 03:00.

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