WDCD afterparty + Public Intimacy

Masterclass, Talk and Afterparty

The body has an amazingly intricate system for eliminating waste. However, we have become increasingly ashamed of this natural and inevitable bodily function. This week's Talk and Masterclass: Public Intimacy, by designers Agi Haines (UK) and Bettina Möllring (DE), aims to speculate about the role of the toilet as a prosthetic, by connecting our bodily material with our external environment. Tickets are still available.

On Friday night you're also invited for the official What Design Can Do Afterparty.


Stand up and enjoy the urination - http://www.the-stand-up.com The Stand Up is a biodegradable, disposable peeing accessory that helps women keep their distance from the mess and feel the freedom to go anytime, anywhere. Founded in San Francisco in 2014, the Stand Up Movement is helping women everywhere to find their feet and Stand Up for themselves. More information: http://www.the-stand-up.com


Sitting and squatting positions. - Bettina Möllring (D)


WDCD Afterparty - The afterparty of the What Design Can Do conference at Mediamatic. What Design Can Do!

This week at Mediamatic

Thursday, June 30 - Pis'talk: Public Intimacy / Tickets
Is it possible to improve a lady's pee experience? Is it only a matter of product design? Or do we need to start looking into body-modifications and urinal-prosthetics?

Friday, July 1 - Masterclass: Public Intimacy / Tickets (30% discount for artists and students)
How can we gain inspiration from the existing biological world to re-design the act of urination? And how can we transform the public space of Dijkspark into a pee-friendly zone that works for all genders? Full day program incl. lunch and materials.

Friday, July 1 - What Design Can Do Afterparty / Facebook / Free entrance
The WDCD afterparty is back in town! At the end of two days of talks, workshops, performances and inspiration, it's time for a visit to the dancefloor.

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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