Russian Art, activism and civil society.

The value of social media.

4 Mar 2012

Presentations by curator Tatiana Volkova (ZHIR project, Moscow) and artists Make, Anton Nikolaev, and Denis Solopov. Followed by public discussion.


MAKE placing his first sign in Vondelpark in Amsterdam. - Source:,4.873933&spn=0.0023,0.004796

From 29th February until 4th March the Welcome back, Putin!-festival presents an overview of the most important contemporary activist artists from Russia.
The exhibition shows the works of: Make, Kiss my Ba, Alina and Jeff Blumis, Victoria Lomasko, Lucia Macari, Denis Mustafin, Anton Nikolaev, PG, Pasha 183, Pussy Riot, Denis Solopov en ZIP. These young artists use conceptual ideas and performative actions to address fundamental issues of society through caricature, political critique and open action.

Moscow activist-artist Make is the festival’s artist in residence. He will make site-specific work about Dutch society with topical themes as tolerance, public order and environment. From 29 February until 4th March he presents his work in progress in De Balie in Amsterdam.

Make is the founder of Partizaning, a movement which call themselves Urban re-planners. They intervene in public space by adjusting media outings of the government and big companies into socially critical messages.
Make has a background in graphic design, street art and grafitti. On Sunday 4th March he gives a presentation about his projects Street signs and He will talk about urban activism and social media in Russia.

On Sunday 4th March, Tatiana Volkova (ZHIR Project, Moscow), curator of the exhibition, will give a lecture about Russian art and activism since 2000.

Art program Sunday 4th March:
17.00-18.00 Russian activist-artist Make presents his projects: "Street Signs" en (English)
18.00-19.00 Russian art, activism and civil society: presentations by Tatiana Volkova, Anton Nikolaev and Denis Solopov. (English)

The program is part of "Welcome Back, Putin!" festival, held in De Balie on March 3rd-4th, 2012. For general program and ticket info:

The program is made possible with the financial support of Wilhelmina E. Jansen fonds, Stichting Democratie en Media and Open Society foundations