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Pis'talk: Thursday June 30, 20:30

Is it possible to improve a lady's pee experience? Is it only a matter of product design? Or do we need to start looking into body-modifications and urinal-prosthetics? At Pis'talk: Public Intimacy designer's Bettina Möllring and Agi Haines will speculate on the perfect woman's urinal. From gender-issues to questions relating to intimacy and privacy.

On July 1 Bettina and Agi will also host a masterclass in which you will design the urinal as an extension of yourself.

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Stand up and enjoy the urination - http://www.the-stand-up.com The Stand Up is a biodegradable, disposable peeing accessory that helps women keep their distance from the mess and feel the freedom to go anytime, anywhere. Founded in San Francisco in 2014, the Stand Up Movement is helping women everywhere to find their feet and Stand Up for themselves. More information: http://www.the-stand-up.com

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July 8 - Zuursalon: Trade your mother
This time we are going to explore the fermentation of vinegar. With: Manfred Meeuwig, Simone van Thull, Sjef Brok van Ediks and Meneer Wateetons as curator

July 16 / July 24 - Deconstructing Systems: A Car
Olivier Oosterbaan and Victor Engbers are going to take apart a Fiat Panda, in order to understand the world. Exhibition and full week program.

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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