Saro van Cleynenbreugel

Datalogging and monitoring

Different services we use for aquaponics

All the account info you need


Logging our own data:

Overview Data:

Datapoint delete - plus lookup:

Behind the screen:
Direct link :
pw: Catfish

Twitter sensors and data-logging feeds:


Aquaponics security and safety

d-link (stream webcams):

Password: mediamatic

Water quality monitor (Seneye):
pw: catfish

Pomp power alarm:

POMP 1 alarm: +31649490467
POMP 2 alarm: +31633132582
Commands to turn off and on alarm, ALWAYS PUT AN ALARM CLOCK TO TURN IT BACK ON!
Send the following command via SMS:
Alarm off: alarm disable #4421
Alarm on: alarm enable #4421

Asking status: status #4421

Test tel #4421

Set tel[position number 1-6] [+316phonenumber] #4421



WUR library, for research
username: tbaekling
password: catfish

Link to Aquaponics shopping page:

Google account tablets: