Claudia Mannigel

Born in East Germany Claudia Mannigel is an artist-researcher, curator and educator currently based in Berlin.

She earned her M.A in Contemporary Art and New Media from Université Paris 8 (2009). For her master’s thesis she investigated the aesthetic experience of 20th and 21st century process-oriented, contextual and relational art practices by pointing towards a consequence that modern (abstract) theoretical discourse poses on aesthetic experience: a gap between artist, artwork, and observer.
Mannigel’s artistic practice spans more than 10 years, primarily exploring non-visual modalities via an examination of the influence of the physical and socio-cultural dynamics of space on body perception and affect through site-specific interventions, such as Occupation Sonore (Montreal, 2007) Hotel California (The Hague, 2010) and tactile sound installations, such as Internal Earthquake (Berlin, 2014).

Her current research investigates multi-sensory perception and experience of art by exploring smell and taste’s social and cultural values, meanings and uses within the framework of art and curatorial projects. Her passion for smell led her to co-found the Smell Lab (Berlin, 2015) and to organize the Smell Lab reading group (Berlin, 2015) which explored smell through various angles such as art history, aesthetics, curating, and sociology.

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