Eat Future no. 3

Get fat or die trying

8 Nov 2016

We invite you to our new event series Eat Future! Every Tuesday evening we will cover topics related to the future of food and farming industry. The starting points for our discussions are always examples from sci-fi cinematography.

Discussion and movies

So after the bleak spectacle “The Road”, we are shifting our focus to the garbage-laden Earth portrayed in “WALL-E”, where humans have become immobile blobs as a result of their ever increasing dependence on technology.

The discussion will mostly revolve around the implications of consumerism and the environmental consequences of western excess. If you feel like you have something to add, or this topic merely piques your interest, please do join us.

You are of course welcome to order drinks and food at the bar, or you can bring your favourite Branded Snack™ for this weeks consumerist theme.

Review of the previous discussion

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Time: 18.30 pm, Tuesday, 15.11.2016
Location: Haeckel Room, Mediamatic, Dijkspark 6
Snack recommendation: Branded Snack™
Free entrance