Eat Future no. 5

Superhuman diet

22 Nov 2016

We invite you to our new event series Eat Future! Every Tuesday evening we will cover topics related to the future of food and farming industry. The starting points for our discussions are always examples from sci-fi cinematography.


Superhuman Diet - Anisa Xhomaqi

Discussion and movies

‘You are what you eat’ – goes the popular saying. Many people follow special diets to keep their bodies fit and their minds sharp. They believe that what we consume have a great impact on our life. Others consume drugs to be better, faster, more happy or simply experience different spiritual adventures…
What is food then? Do we eat and drink only to get enough nutrients and energy? Can we design our diet in such a way that we become superhumans? We use "Dune" (1984) as a starting point for a discussion.

We invite you to share a drink from our bar during watching and discussion. Every time, we will suggest you a snack to bring along. This time: protein bars!

Review of the previous discussion

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Time: 18.30 pm, Tuesday, 22.11.2016
Location: Haeckel Room, Mediamatic, Dijkspark 6
Snack recommendation: protein bars
Free entrance