Materialisation in Art and Design

by Sandberg Institute Amsterdam

30 Nov 2016

Ten students from the master department ‘Materialisation in Art and Design’ (MAD) at the Sandberg Institute will share, reflect and perform their work. MAD challenges the conventional hierarchy between ‘concept’ and ‘making’ and ‘content’ and ‘process’ by making the material expression of works paramount.

Free admission
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Progenitor 1 by Oliver Barstow - Foto by Iris Box.

This public event is about materialising conversations and visualising the links connecting the different thesis topics, which are currently being explored by the MAD participants. To kick it all off, a relational system has been devised, triggering the emergence of a wide array of different materials. Based on such ongoing set of collective explorations, MAD would now like to take the opportunity for sharing, reflecting and performing for you.

The medium is meaningful as the carrier of the message, its narrative and its function. Moreover, the making process by nature offers surprising, irrational, coincidental possibilities that the mind simply cannot predict or imagine. Experiment and the use of unexpected opportunities that failure can generate are at the basis of the MAD programme.

This public event is the result of a collaboration with and is moderated by: Ronald van Tienhoven.


Image and work by Iris Box - Image and work by Iris Box. Materialisation in Art and Design / Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, 30 november 2016.

MAD is the Materialisation in Art & Design department of Sandberg Institute, consisting of: Oliver Barstow (UK), Carly Rose Bedford (AU), Anne Büscher (DE), Dominique Festa (USA), Mio Fujimaki (JP), Thom van Hoek (NL), Caroline Jacob (FR), Julien Manaira (FR), Johan Buskov Romme (DK), Ellen Vårtun (NO)

The MAD department is headed by: Herman Verkerk and Maurizio Montalti
and coordinated by: Linde Dorenbosch

Materialisation in Art and Design - Midterm presentations Sandberg Institute
Wednesday 30 november, 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

Free admission
Please note: this event is in English.