Anisa Xhomaqi, Klara Ravat
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Artist in Residency - Klara Ravat (ES)

01 September - 09 September 2016. Klara Ravat creates media and odour artworks, installations and experimental films. During her 10 day artist in residency at Mediamatic, Ravat worked on the development of a site specific smell performance and a workshop in which she distilled the scent of Amsterdam. The performance took place at Odorama: Art + Destilation, a program about scent which is curated by Caro Verbeek. Visitors were asked to spray Ravat's body with different odours and take turns in sniffing her from up close. Other speakers that evening were Zeger Reyers and Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands & Saskia Hoogendoorn.

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