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How to make a reservation

This is the explanation how to work with the reservation system Seatme.


How to maken a reservation -



Username: Mediamaticevents
Password: qUNtbFLn

How to make a reservation

NOTE: only take reservations from 9 people or less. If the number is higher write down their information and send it in an e-mail to Jans.

What to check while you take the reservation:
- Go to the date, next to the date is a little calendar.
- See if the online reservation system is on or off.
- Look if there is some extra explanation or special event for that day. (see the red circle)


Reservation, what to check -

How to make a reservation in steps:
1 Click on the button ‘reservering’ with the plus.
2 Check if the date is still right.
3 Select in how many persons
4 Set the time
5 Fill in the name by ‘achternaam’.
6 Fill in the phonenumber
7 Fill in the e-mail (not required)
8 If there are extra notifications you can fill it by ‘notitie’
9. Save the reservation

In the picture you see where the buttons are.


reservation -

Here is the explanation in a video (only in dutch):

Don't forget

We work with timeslots. This means that we take 20 or 25 people each half-hour. If a guest want to have a reservation but the timeslot is full just ask if it is ok to place them a half-hour later of earlier.
In the picture you can see where you have to look.