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(expired) Als een vis op het droge Installation Knowledge

How to maintain/ take down the installation "Als in vis op het droge" by Arjanne Bode

This article contains important information and care instructions to maintain and eventually build down the art installation by Arjanne Bode


Arjanne Bode working on 'als een vis op het droge' - Als een vis op het droge uses by-catch in order to point out the counterproductive effects of the new 'aanlandplicht', a low that forces fisher man to now bring their by-catch to land. Arjanne Bode

With: Arjanne Bode

Please read instructions at the end before you ever think of taking the installation down!!!


Clean the aquarium outside with glas cleaning spray and paper towels.
Be careful not to remove silicone that is sealing the lid.
The wooden construction is glazed with lacquer, if you need to clean it you can do that with a wet cloth.


The tank's light is lid up by two LED strips (warm white). If the light is blinking you have to switch the Mode with the remote control. You can use any LED remote control if you can't find the one in the server storage room.

If the lights are off check first if all cables are properly plugged in. The main plug is next the tank near the ground, it goes around the column and up to the lid. There is only one point where it can be fallen apart, all other parts are secured with tape.
If all cables are connected and still not working, use the remote control to switch them on.


The wooden construction is fixed on the column with screws into the wall on one side and across on the ground with silicone.
If the silicone side gets loose, add more silicone to fix it. Make sure the tank is straight when fixing.

Fish and Formaldehyde

The aquarium contains 65 litres of formaldehyde (formaline mixed with water). This should preserve the fish forever, though they might change their colour over time. This is part of the process of decay and okay.

Don't start taking down the installation without reading safety instructions

Taking down the installation

Should you have the task to take it down, be aware that you are working with a dangerous chemical. You need eye and mouth/ nose protection because the vapour will burn your eyes and your throat! Take a break in between and ventilate the whole space with the industrial ventilator (ask Saro to help with that!).
The artist Arjanne Bode should help taking down the installation.
Do not open the lid without preparation beforehand. You can open it after you carefully cut away the silicone on the outside. If the tank is filled with liquid it expands a bit and that causes the lid to be really tight on the tank, so you might need to push and pull a bit until it gets off.
Be careful with the hooks, they are really sharp!

If you want to take all the liquid out of the tank you will need at least containers for 65 litres!

Once the tank is empty you can detach it if needed from the wooden construction by cutting horizontally between glas and wood.
Containers for fish and liquids are stored in the server storage room.