A guide for warmth

How to handle the heaters and how to change gastanks.


Heater - Gasheater in the black barn.

For the cold days you definitely want to use some heaters for events in the black barn. Read everything you need to know in the description below.


Before an event make sure all the heaters you are going to use have a full or almost full gastank. You can check this by taking the tank out and slowly shake it to feel if there is still some liquid in it.


Gascrane - The knob in the middle is the crane. To open the crane turn it counterclockwise and to close it, turn it clockwise.

Turning the heaters on and off

When you have changed the gas tank, some of the heaters require the gas to run through the system for 90 seconds before being able to start. You will need to open the crane on the top of the gas tank. Turn it counterclockwise in the 9 o'clock position. Press it in and hold it for 90 seconds and then press the ignite button. Proceed with below instructions to activate the heater. 

To turn a heater on you first need to open the crane on top of the gastank. Opening the crane is turning it counterclockwise. Turn it all the way and than a little back, so it won't get stuck. After that you need to press the black button on the heater and turn it to 9 o' clock (to the left) where the red arrow is. Keep pressing the left button like in this position while you press the red igniter button (a couple of times if necessary). You should be able to see a small blue flame in the heating part. Hold the black button like this for a while and then release it and turn it counterclockwise to turn on the heater. If it didn't work, try again. The older heaters might have a defect igniter, so you need to hold a flame at the place where the small blue flame is supposed to appear while pressing the black button.

To turn the heater off put the black button on 12 o' clock and close the gascrane again.


Turning the heater on - Press the black button and turn it to the left where the red arrow is. Keep pressing it while you press the red igniter button until a small blue flame appears.


If the gastanks are empty or almost empty you should replace them with a full one. You can recognize a full tank by it's yellow cap on the crane and it's heaviness. To change the gastank you need to unscrew the gold-coloured nut that is attached to the gastank. You can use the black wrench that has a label with 'GAS' on it, or another size 30 wrench. Turn the nut clockwise to unscrew and counterclockwise to tighten it. Be careful to first close the crane before you unscrew the gastank.


Full gastank - You can recognize a full gastank by it's yellow cap.


Replacing a gastank - The golden-coloured nut needs to be unscrewed to remove the gastank.


Removing the gastank - Lift up the lower part of the heater to reveal the gastank.

Storing the gastanks

After this is done, make sure you keep the empty gastank apart from the full or half full ones. You can check if a gastank is empty by opening the crane real quickly. If you still hear the gas coming out with a high pressure, you can probably still use it for a while. The empty tanks can go to the white cabin in front of the main entrance of Mediamatic. Get the 'white cabin' key from the locker and open the door on the right by turning the two handles the other way. This is a tough job.. The cabin is also the storage for new gastanks. Also in the cabin it's important to store the empty tanks and the full tanks seperately.

If you're getting full gastanks from the white cabin to store them in the black barn, you might want to use a trolley to spare your back.

Make sure you always have a supply of full gastanks in the black barn! The half full ones can be used for exhibition hosting shifts or receptions.


Storing the gastanks - Behind the black curtain in the black barn there should be a stack of gastanks.