Researcher @ Mediamatic


Fabi -

I’m a researcher at Mediamatic, I hope to provide insights into how the ‘Mediamatic fabriek’ can connect to the people in that area, involve them and share great experiences together.

Currently I’m studying Leisure Management at the NHTV in Breda. I guess I would describe myself as a creative, social person. I love the interaction between people and the way we work and communicate.
Past projects that I was involved in were working for COLIN, a networking company in Breda, where I was the project manager of the ‘2018Brabant talentenpool’ a collaboration project between 2018Brabant cultural capital and Colin. Further I’ve worked for an organization called Stekkerdoos and together we’ve organized events that added a bit more memorable experiences to the Breda nightlife.


Ramp! -

A song to listen to when you feel good, when you feel bad, when you want to party, when you want to relax, when you want to wake up, when you want to go to sleep or just as a reminder that life is good. - Created by the genius Kevin Saunderson(1988) one of the more influential tracks in the Detroit techno/house scene. Found on youtube by DiscoMusicDotHu

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