Evening of Modern and Traditional Japanese culture

Shishimai performance, cosplay performance and live music by J-pop band 'Slightly Spring'

16 Feb 2008
16 Feb 2008

An evening filled with performances and music in Japanese style, as part of the Japan New&Old, In&Out week.

With performances by Shishimai, Cosplay and the Dutch J-Pop band 'Slightly Spring'.


Slightly Spring's Lindy Rose at Mediamatic -

For the fans of Japanese culture: “Shishimai” is a traditional dance performed at special occasions in Japan. We'd presented our modern variation of Shishimai, performed by Japanese and Dutch artists.


An introduction to the strange and fascinating cosplay subculture of Amsterdam. Cosplay, short for "Costume Play” is about dressing up as characters from Japanese manga and anime. Cosplay is not only a huge phenomenon in Japan; there are also Dutch communities of anime fans having cosplay competitions. We invited these cosplayers to create a performance for a Dutch perspective of a Japanese subculture.

Later on in the night everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the Dutch J-pop band 'Slightly Spring'. Plus at the end of the night everyone rocked out on Japanese tunes played by DJ Yutaka.

Watch the performance right here on Youtube.