Martin Barden

Head of Membership & Ticketing at Tate


Martin Barden -

"To be successful in developing an arts membership scheme, you need to slow down and listen. You need to understand the difference between self-improvement, self-interest, and philanthropy. Most important of all, you need to focus on the individual, not on the institution."

Martin is an experienced Commercial Director specialising in customer service, loyalty and advocacy, sales and marketing, revenue generation, change management, product, brand and systems development.

He has deep experience of leading complex multi-site ticketing and membership operations, working across businesses to increase engagement and profitability.

Over the past 10 years Martin has developed Tate’s membership scheme to record-breaking success. In April 2012 he will be embarking on a new career as the Principal Consultant for Culture Consultants Ltd.

Martin Barden on 'Future Forecasting: The Challenges facing Museums and Cultural Institutions' on November 3, 2011.

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