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Teaches at the Institute for Theatre Studies of the University of Amsterdam. In the 1980ties she specialized in Women Studies in Theatre and founded the feminist Theatregroup Theater Persona that offered critical interpretations of the great/male classics. She publicized four books on women's drama and theatre in Holland and Europe with theoretical and historical perspectives.
Since 2001 she concentrates on the development of intercultural contacts between "East and West Exchange", creating excahnge programs between Egypt , Sudan and The Netherlands as partner. Since 2003 she co-organized Intercultural Conferences in Belgium , Morocco and Sudan and is editor of its proceedings.
Recent books: Rereading Classics in 'Eas and West' ; Postcolonial Perpectives on the Tragic. Gent/Belgium 2004. The Performance of the Comic in Arabic Theatre; Cultural Heritage, Western Models and Postcolonial Hybridity. Gent Belgium 2005
Rituals and Ceremonies in Sudan ; From Cultural Heritage to Theatre. Amsterdam, 2006

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