Germination Time

Aquaponics Meeting # 23

12 Aug 2012

Last tuesday the whole Aquaponics Group was reunited again in the Mediamatic Fabriek. We talked about the last few weeks, an overview of the events and developments.


Aquaponics Broccoli - One of the three growbeds in the 4-storey aquaponics system.

There is also decided on the making of a germination room, which is going to be started with this sunday. That way we can produce our own plants for the coming Aquaponics towers and make the process even more self sustainable. We are also going to make an overview of materials we have and decide on which materials best suit our goals.
There will be time for explaining about our system as well, so feel free to walk in and speak to us. Or if you want to help with the more basic things that need to happen, like water testing and checking on the plants and pumps, you are more than welcome.