Victor David

Creatief talent gezocht

voor bijdragen aan het BORING issue van O.K. Periodicals

Submit your work for the BORING issue of O.K. Periodicals It's the time of year again when we ask you to submit your most amazing work.
Or, tip us about other creative talented people who deserve a spot in the upcoming issue of O.K. Periodicals. The next issue's theme is: BORING
Dull, monotonous, flat, deadening, tiresome, humdrum, long , yawnful....

What do you create when you are in a big gap of nothingness?
What do you see in your subconscious before you fall asleep?
What seems random, automatic and is freed of rational control?
What is so boring that it becomes fantastic, funny, beautiful or mind-blowing instead?
We're not only talking about doodling when you're on the phone So surprise us with the amazing things you made up for this issue's theme.
If you are an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, writer or creative soul. Feel free to submit your work. All other suggestions are very welcome as well. Submission Deadline: February 13, 2011 Submit your work to:
(if you send images make sure they are low resolution)
More info (and preview/sale of backissues) at: We are pleasantly disruptive always curious. Are you?

The magazine contains 112 fullcolour pages with no advertising.
It is published twice a year.
International distribution by IdeaBooks
Some of the previous issues are sold out and are collector's items nowadays. Information:
O.K. Periodicals is independently founded, curated, produced and designed by Dutch graphic design studio O.K. PARKING They also initiated the critically acclaimed O.K. Festival / 3 days of Independent Magazines. And run the HQ source of inspiration

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