Digital Urbanism

Play the City started a public research to evaluate digital tools for cities. You can visit our growing database here.

14 Dec 2012

Play the City started this research to evaluate digital tools for cities. Everyday interactive new media tools pop up and reach us through the web, mobile devices or sensors in the city. Some of these tools promise to provide us with a greener future, more efficient mobility, better connected citizens, a more transparent governance or higher living quality. Is this really the case?

Which platforms actually make a real change in our life? How do we detect the right app for our needs? What are the criteria to evaluate these interactive tools for cities?

Evaluating the Interactive City Platforms

Play the City invites you to the Digital Urbanism launch to puzzle over interactive city tools. Which ones are you really effectively using? Do you have a story of an interactive city tool which caused a change in your life? Would you mind giving your feedback in a public event?

Invited Guests

The kick-off event is a public brainstorm for evaluating interactive city platforms.
Participants include 15 architecture students from TU Delft's DasP, Play the City foundation board members Wouter Vanstiphout, Juha van het Zelfde and Christiaan Ernsten as well as, Michiel de Lange of Mobile City, Ger Baron of Amsterdam Innovation Motor, Egbert Fransen of Pakhuis de Zwijger. They will help us define criteria for detecting the right tools to make and maintain our cities.

We look forward having a fruitful dialogue!

Practical Information

Date: 14th of December
Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-Kade 10-12, Amsterdam
19:00: Doors Open/ Hot soup will be offered in (the foreseeably cold) Mediamatic Fabriek.
20:00: Presentation of Digital Urbanism by DasP
20:30: Launch of Play the City Foundation
21:30: Public Brainstorm and Drinks

*We will showcase Play the City's If I were Istanbul's Mayor project. To partake in this ongoing interactive city poll, bring along your public transport cards [OV Chipcards]. This project has been made possible by the Dutch Architecture Stimulation Fund and The Dutch Consulate in Istanbul.

**'Digital Urbanism: Creating the Civic City' is an initiative of Play the City Foundation. This public research program maps and evaluates interactive city tools to improve their quality and integration to our daily urban life. The research is partly funded by the Stichting DOEN.

***The Digital Urbanism inventory of interactive city tools was compiled by Play the City researchers Luis Veracruz and Lilly Lam