Augmented Storytelling

How to Create Interesting ARtours in the Urban Realm

6 Apr 2011

The newest AR technology on your smartphone (for example: Layar) makes it possible to take your museum collection out of the digital database and reposition it on all possible locations in the urban realm. The dialogue between the virtual artifact and the real place poses new demands on our storytelling: what kind of experiences do the small screens of the deployed mobile phones offer us? What is the surplus value of this combination of the real and the virtual? What new ‘layered’ stories can we share by means of this new technique?

In this workshop we will kick off with a short introduction and presentation of several best practices. After that the participants will work on the stories of the virtual objects that they have brought with them from their own collection. The workshop ends with the entering of these stories and objects into ARtours (the Layar based CMS of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Fabrique). The results will be immediately visible outside. So for everybody with a smartphone with GPS and downloaded Layar app: please join us afterwards on the streets of Philadelphia and share our augmented stories!