Echokamer #11: Seamus Cater

with non-vocal chorus.

6 Nov 2013

Seamus Cater writes and performs songs which draw on revivalist British folk music, contemporary literature and experimental forms. Songs become hypnotic narratives where the listener is dragged into highly refined but simple compositions. For this Echokamer concert he was joined by four accompanists, making sonic interventions in a group of existing songs. A kind of non-vocal chorus.


Seamus Cater - Singing and playing on his Rhodes, Cater creates beautiful and ambiant sounds. Max van Boxel

With: Seamus Cater

Seamus Cater - voice, Rhodes, duet-concertina, harmonica
Chorus: Mehreneh Atashi, André Avelãs, Aditya Mandayam, Bea McMahon

More information here, and on Bandcamp.

More information

Dinner will be served from 19:00 on (5 euro a meal). The performance starts at 20:00. Tickets are €2,- (excl. a 4-week Club Mediamatic Membership of €5,-).

Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Click here for the route.