Tickets for culture?

A visual impression of a cultural afternoon

Five mediamatic'ers went on a fieldtrip to De Paviljoens (Almere) and De Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam). ‘Only the title Remains’, the first solo overview-exhibition of the work of Dutch artist Germaine Kruip, was the first exhibition of their trip, followed by ‘NietNormaal’, a crowded group-exhibition in the former building for Merchant Stock Exchange in Amsterdam.


Is this ellipse symetrical? - From left to right: Kim (front), Andreas, Liene, Gillian (back) Sara Kolster

It was a beautiful afternoon to check out the work of Germaine Kruip in De Paviljoens. Most of her installations play with (day)light and the space itself and according to curator Annick Kleizen, we picked one of the most interesting hours of the day: extremely low winterlight..

We couldn't have chosen more opposite exhibitions: a soloshow with minimal spatial work of Germaine Kruip and a very crowded thematic group exhibition entitled 'Niet Normaal'. The latter showed interesting artists (p.e. Julika Rudelius) and work (p.e.'Dengbêjs' by Halil Altindere) but the theme 'Niet Normaal' was a bit overpresent..

Below you'll find a visual impression of the cultural afternoon which ended in De Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. More photo's you'll find here.