Mattia Casalegno


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Born in Naples, Italy. At the crossing point of video-art, new media art and generative design, his work moves from the necessity to explore relations and interconnections between musical and visual languages. His aesthetics are driven by research in the relationships between the fields of information (in-forms, to give form), biology (bio-logos, discourse on living) and ecology (in the Batesonian term), pointing on the centrality of code as tools and metaphor of his aesthetic.
His work spans live media performances, architectural video installations and interactive systems, performed and exhibited in festivals including: RomaEuropa, Netmage and Sant’Arcangelo dei Teatri in Italy, Mutek in Canada, Optronica in UK, OFFF in Spain, Cimatics Belgium, AVIT in Germany.

Contact information

  • Mattia Casalegno
  • Broad Art Center, room 2275
  • 90095
  • Los Angeles
  • US