Adding Events

Announce activities yourself through

Anyone can add events about new media, e-culture and art to the Mediamatic Agenda! These events receive a high ranking in Google search. Familiar with how it works? Click here and add the event right away. Need help in adding an event? Simply follow the instructions below:

If you want to add an event, please check with the search function or in the Agenda to see if your event already exists.

1. Your event is not there? Login (or register if you’re not a member at yet). When you’re logged in, a grey toolbar will appear on top of the page. Your name is located on the left side on top of the page. If you like, you can fill in your profile first (a nice introduction, maybe add a photo or contact information)

2. Click ‘New contribution’, on the grey bar and select ‘+ event’ from the list that appears.

3. Enter a title, possibly a subtitle, a short introduction and use the ‘body’ for further information concerning the activity.

4. Connect your event to a date and a place with the button ‘Where and when’. Your event will only appear in the calender once it has a date. For one-day events, you can add a specific time. For multiple days just fill in the dates. Also fill in where the event is taking place. Start typing in the name and the system will check if the organisation is already in the database. If so, connect. If not, click ‘Add’ to add a new organisation.

5. Use the '+ organised by' button in case your event is organised by a different institute than where it's taking place.

6. We recommend to add at least one picture to the event. Click on the camera icon to add a picture. Click here for more explanation about adding and moving photos (and YouTube videos).

7. Also add ‘actors’, this is the person that performs/exhibits/cooperates. Click 'Who is presenting at this event' and fill in the name. The system will search if the name is already known. If so, connect. If not, click ‘Add' to add a new person. Repeat this step if there are more actors involved.

8. You can now also add keywords. The choice of these keywords helps the Anymeta system to find relevant places in the Mediamatic website to display your event, so it's quite important not to skip this step.

9. Click ‘Save’ to publish the page. This page will now appear in the Mediamatic Agenda and it will also appear in the context of the organisation and actors you assigned it to. You can edit your page at all times.

Do you have any questions? Please look at our help page for answers to frequently asked questions. Go to the Formatting and layout in Anymeta page to learn about ways of making your page look better.