UN-usual Party

Party on Thursday nights in Erbil with the UN

For the who's-who, invite-only crowd in Erbil. But don't worry - we have the right connections to get you on the list!


Bare chests at the UN-Usual Party - The UN troops from Fiji got into their sarongs, danced bare-chested and sang things like “side by side we stand” and other tropical sounds from back home for the Thursday night entertainment at the UN compound. Anna Wachtmeister

To attend and be able to enter the UN enclave surrounded by a 4 meter high concrete T-walls, you have to get security clearance 24 hours in advance. Don't forget to bring your passport on the night you go since you need to navigate the checkpoint manned by Iraqi soldiers, then American soldiers, whereupon the Fijian soldiers will check and greet. As at all proper parties, you leave your mobile, weapons and ID at the entrance.

The UN operations in Erbil follow the same security measures in Baghdad, which of course seems a little ridiculous, but it does mean that UN staff is never allowed to leave this heavily guarded compound - and if they do, they move around wearing body armour, with guards and in convoy.

Not surprisingly, they are very happy to have visitors! Here you discuss the latest developments on the humanitarian and political situation in Iraq over a beer or two using NGO acronyms and UN-code.

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